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  • Robert Bruce Adams

A Simple Smile

"I've learned that a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks."

Andy Rooney

AS I WALK AROUND MY LOCAL GROCERY STORE I often observe blank faces worn by many of the shoppers. It always surprises me. I think they are missing out on something. Might it be more a reflection of burdens in their lives? The strain can be seen in many of their faces, especially in their eyes and around their mouths. A trip to the grocery store doesn’t appear to bring relief to these folks, but it sure does to me.

I like to walk the aisles and see the many offerings. It simply astounds me the bounty of items on the shelves from all over our planet. And the fresh produce today is simply amazing. I'm particularly fond of the many kinds melons that are available. But my happiest event is when a stranger greets me in those aisles with a smile. It does something to me; it gives me hope for mankind. Male or female, it doesn’t matter.

I have also noticed that some of the ladies who are a bit overweight lose 10% of their mass when they offer a smile. Presto - the pounds seem to disappear. Just today in the checkout line was such a person. She was standing behind me and noticed my bottle of vodka and box of red wine that I had placed on the belt for the cashier. She teased me stating,“I want to come to your house."

Her smile was so inviting, and I quickly discovered quite a set of hooters pillowed behind her faded Key West t-shirt. I countered with my own smile and told her that I had fond memories of the Keys. She smiled and blushed after my own little comment. Yes, I’ve learned that smiles always trump a few extra pounds.

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