• Robert Bruce Adams

My Secret Spot

I HAVE DISCOVERED OVER THE YEARS that most of us have a secret spot to which we are especially attracted. It could be a fishing hole where a large-mouth bass has hidden for years, or an abandoned old orchard that produces an abundance of morels in early May. My secret spot is a quiet stretch of beach running along Lake Michigan.

Reverence comes to me as I think of it. It is where I go to sit and organize my private thoughts and where I seek from nature its soothing grace. I marvel at its changing face produced by shifting sands and windswept grasses. I take it all in fully appreciative of its healing ways.

It is located between Chicago and the Mackinac Bridge and that’s as far as I will go in revealing its location.

I hope you understand my desire for privacy and trust you too will find your own secret spot.

My Secret Spot

A sandy beach is my secret spot

Where I come and face my many thoughts.

I listen to the water’s soothing waves

So thankful for nature’s healing ways.

Robert Bruce

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