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      Perpetually Rebooting


In 2013, I completed my first book to rave reviews from seven of my closest friends and family. It was obvious that I wrote for pleasure certainly not for sales.


From the Hip & Heart - Rebooting on Crystal Avenue is a collection of essays about mostly happy events growing up post-World War II in the suburbs of Detroit. Lessons and insights spring forth in the pages that are loaded with accounts of my many missteps as I zigzagged through life. 

It is available at Amazon []


My newest book published in the fall of 2022. From the Gut - A Legacy of Humor and Delight.

It contains an assortment of favorite essays from the last decade which includes a legacy section that examines lifetime issues I've faced offering insights from a humorist's point of view. I round out the collection in the third section with my favorite essays chosen from this blog. 


I think of myself as an ambassador for my region where I reveal the amazing lifestyle along the M-22 highway corridor in northwest Michigan.


You are cordially invited to join me.

Robert Adams, Sr.