Perpetually Rebooting

In 2013, I completed my first book to the rave reviews of seven of my closest friends and family. It became obvious that I wrote for pleasure, certainly not for sales.


I was fortunate to have several seasoned associates hold my hand and help me get my book published. It is a collection of essays about happy events growing up post World War II in the suburbs of Detroit.

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My newest book will be published in 2020. This time I tackle some serious issues that we are likely all facing and most of the time I do this with a smile and my chin up.

I’m now rethinking the definition of privacy that I once held so sacred by entering the world of social media.  Armed with this blog, and a bit of humor, I reveal the amazing lifestyle found in NW Michigan where I hang out.


You are cordially invited to join me. It should be fun.

Robert Bruce Adams




In a tiny loft somewhere in northern Michigan

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