Perpetually Rebooting

In 2013, I completed my first book to rave reviews from seven of my closest friends and family. It was obvious that I wrote for pleasure certainly not for sales.


The book is a collection of essays about mostly happy events growing up post World War II in the suburbs of Detroit. Lessons and insights spring forth in the pages that are loaded with the many missteps I made as I progressed in my life. 

It is available at Amazon []  

My newest book will be published in 2022. This time I tackle some prickly issues that we are likely all facing. Most of the time I do this with a smile and with my chin-up.

I’m now rethinking the definition of privacy that I once held so sacred by entering the world of social media.  Armed with this blog, and a bit of humor, I reveal the amazing lifestyle found in NW Michigan where I hang out.


You are cordially invited to join me. It should be fun.

Robert Bruce Adams