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Lighten Up

Updated: 5 days ago

AS I COME TO MY 75th BIRTHDAY I’m increasingly aware that my memory is slipping just a bit. As a senior, I’m taking it as a normal occurrence and have decided not to fret about these memory lapses.

OK. Maybe just a little.

My dad did well in facing his slipping memory by implementing a new set of useful behaviors. He regularly interrupted dinner conversations when he needed to get his thoughts out before they disappeared. He still had enough sense to apologize, which our family members appreciated.

I might give that a try.

Written notes on little scraps of paper were my mother's “reminders” that helped her keep on track. They were taped all over the refrigerator and cabinets above her washer and dryer which was her “command center” in her kitchen. She ran a very tight ship.

Further, when I can’t recall the name of somebody, my first thought is to dig deeper into my brain (whatever that means) to access the person's name from my memory bank. It used to work but lately, it is often hours before I find the name. I surrender knowing it was buried in my bilateral anterior temporal lobes (I had to look this up) and then forgive my failings. I’m not ready to stress out about these lapses. I need to point them out in framing this story of the changes that are happening in my life.

Another of my cognitive issues is walking into a room in my loft and forgetting why I came into the room. Thankfully, I only have two rooms. My downsizing has been a fortunate circumstance with many useful benefits.

Finally, when I go to my grocery store it is no longer advisable to enter without my phone. My fear today centers around remembering passwords and numbers to access the list on my damn device when I’m standing in the produce aisle, then remembering I left my reading glasses on the front seat of my car.

Yes, the joy of getting older.

I’m leaving you with a smile.

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