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Here Come the Mums

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN this morning after I planted mums at the container at Champion Hill Golf Course

My spring pansies were replaced after doing duty for a good four months. The summer heat finally got to them, and my watering every other day kept them in pretty good shape.

Mums are a harbinger of autumn. Crystal Gardens had just gotten them in, and I bought three for the pot at the club drop area at the golf course.

Where did our summer go echoes in my thoughts? But then I remember that fall is a remarkable time of the year with mums, pumpkins, cider, and cooler weather. I will find an old-fashioned XL sweatshirt that says Frankfort or Crystal Lake to welcome September.

Let’s hope it can be had for under $30.

Wish me luck.

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