• Robert Adams

Fischer's Happy Hour Tavern

I VENTURED TO NORTHPORT along M-22 in late May with my partner, Nancy, where we thoroughly enjoyed a beautiful spring outing. An early dinner at Fischer’s Happy Hour Tavern was in the cards. What a treat as it was Nancy's introduction to the iconic spot and had been ten years since I had last visited the very special restaurant and tavern. It is now in the able hands of third-generation family members.

I took the middle roads through the Leelanau Peninsula enjoying the orchards, vineyards, and farms and the many turns the peninsula's roads offer. What a blast. Through some good fortune, which often can be elusive on my adventures, I ended 1/10th of a mile south of the restaurant. I was amazed at my boy scout-like bearings as I could not admit to Nancy that I was basically lost.

I recall visiting there in the early 1970s with classmates from Albion when I was living on Radio Hill in TC. I thought it was the best hamburger I had ever eaten. It probably still is, but beef has exited my diet for whatever reason. At the time, I recall enjoying a few Pabst Blue Ribbon beers at the bar accompanied by a cheeseburger and fries. All this for under $5.

Moving forward fifty years, Nancy and I settled on splitting their 4-piece chicken basket after thoroughly enjoying an appetizer of bacon-wrapped fresh asparagus and a cup of cream of asparagus soup. It was sumptuous and hot and still very reasonably priced.

It was absolutely great to be back at Fischer's. Thank you, kids!

You still had PBR.

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