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Coffee Time

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

TWO CUPS OF COFFEE are what I need to start my day. It has been this way for nearly fifty years.

This all started in graduate school after a roommate introduced me to coffee. He had the “coffee bug.” He would set up his Corning coffeemaker the night before and in the morning whoever got there first simply had to plug in the cord to the outlet and wait for it to perk. It became such a pleasant routine during our year of living together.

I wonder if my former roommate is still a coffee drinker? Hell, I wonder if he is still alive?

I have run the gamut of coffeemakers and coffee brands over the years. My girlfriend has a Keurig coffeemaker. Our newest game is calculating the cost per pod while we shop. If our calculations land in the $.40 range it goes into our cart. Bold, Dark and Mountain Grown seem to be the various descriptions the marketing people choose to place on the printed cartons to attract us to their offerings.

I, on the other hand, have a an old 4 Cup Mr. Coffee at my place. How it still brews is truly beyond me. But, thankfully, it still drips.

Bottom line, all the coffees' pretty much taste the same to me. However, this wake-up ritual is a right that I will fight tooth and nail to continue, especially during this time of unprecedented restrictions.

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