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Seafood Chowder

OVER THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY I made a seafood corn chowder. It was to live for, adding another tasty dish to a feast that lasted four wonderful days. Chowder is that perfect complement to fill the void between turkey dinner leftovers. Yes, there really is a void.

Anyone who has ever prepared a Thanksgiving dinner knows this fact - onions and celery are plentiful. What was nice for me in making this chowder was the fact that I also already had frozen salmon, shrimp, and corn in my freezer. So, without having to shop, which was a mandatory requirement, I started preparation for my chowder.

A two-day rest seemed to refresh this chef. There was new vigor in my step. I love doubling the celery and onions for my chowder recipes. Not surprisingly, I had a few russet potatoes in a mesh bag left from Thanksgiving that I peeled and cubed; and finally, I found a large carrot hidden in my crisper drawer. I sliced and diced them all for my version of “aromatics.”

It was now time to make the stock which is the key to a great chowder.

Two strips of bacon cut in little pieces and 1 cup of onions begins the process. Gently sautéing the bacon pieces until crisp, adding two TBS butter near the end and a crushed clove of garlic. I then wistfully release a handful of flour as if I were Merlin the Magician, adding ¼ cup white wine I whisk away.

Next, I add 4 cups of water, a bay leaf, a chicken bouillon cube, and ¾ pound of a wild-caught salmon filet and ten large shrimp. I gently boil this for ten minutes as the salmon begins to flake and I remove the pink shrimp and peel away the exoskeletons bathing the shrimp in cold water. I then dump in the remaining piles of veggies, add Dill, Paprika, and Thyme and let the chowder simmer for thirty minutes. At the very end, I add a cup of Half & Half, ample amounts of chopped Parsley, and put the cut-up pieces of shrimp back into the pot.

Add sea salt and ground pepper to taste.

Voila! Your void is filled.

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