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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Mackinac Island Visit

I’M ON MACKINAC ISLAND THIS WEEKEND. It has been years since I’ve been here, and it is still as beautiful as I recalled with its historical landmarks, funky shops and classic hotels.

It is the last weekend in October and carved pumpkins are featured all around. Gardens are being put to bed and the Geraniums that I associate with the island are few and far between. I guess my memory of these flowers comes from my earlier visits in the middle of summer when they were in full bloom.

I’m here joining my girlfriend on her annual trek to participate in a Saturday half marathon. I must admit I am a walker, not a runner. I’d also suggest that my playing golf this week in 47F makes about as much sense as her running 13.10 miles in 42F.

Each to their own.

I’ve had fun walking the streets and taking in Doud's grocery store. A plaque out front professes it the oldest grocery business in the United States. Their slice of homemade pizza was excellent and reminded me of a style of pizza from my high school days.

The final act of being a tourist will be the Sunday purchase of a slice of chocolate-walnut fudge. Will it be Ryba’s, Murdick’s, Joann’s or Marshall’s?

Such a difficult decision.

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