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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Come Play

DURING THESE LAST FEW MONTHS my spare time has been devoted to the launch of the M 22 Lakeshore Trail. It is a newly created business platform that blends golf and real estate and promotes the many lifestyle amenities found along the M-22 scenic highway of NW Michigan.

It is where I live.

M-22 starts in Manistee and heads north to Frankfort meandering up the shoreline around the tip of Northport finally arriving in Traverse City. The 116-mile highway was created one hundred years ago to connect the towns and villages along Lake Michigan making them accessible by automobile.

What a neat history. What a great drive!

Our woods, orchards, and vineyards set the stage and share the land with some twenty unique golf courses that are found along the trail. It seems fitting to celebrate this M-22 highway as the perfect corridor to display the relaxed up north lifestyle that greets tourists and homeowners alike and we intend to tell this story, year after year.

Here's to the economic health that the trail will bring.

Come play!

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